Husband & Wife

Meet C + K

There's Chris

Chris (also known as the lead photographer) has photographic roots that reach all the way back to early grade school, where he once snapped an uninspiring photo of a thunderstorm from a parking lot while on vacation with his family in Florida. That's likely where his passion for weather, and photography, officially began. He went on to become a professional meteorologist and will even offer personalized weather forecasts for your event - as long as you promise not to blame the weatherman!

He Said ...

I'm the meteorologist 

I initiated the first date

I picked the dress

I'm the traveler

I'm the dog lover

I'm the IT support

I hit the snooze button more

I'm the adventurous one

I'm the pickier eater

and Kelly

Kelly (also known as the second shooter, and even better known as mom or Mrs. Manzeck), teaches 7th grade in Oregon, WI. Chris, being the adventurous one, talked her into this and the rest is history. (Actually, she realized Chris needed someone to help with posing and felt guilty turning down her husband.) In her free time (Hah! She’s raising two littles and #momsohard.), she enjoys working out, reading, Target and Hobby Lobby, and watching The Bachelor/ette.

She Said ...

I'm the teacher

I made the first move

I picked the ring

I'm the clean freak

I steal the covers

I had better grades

I'm the planner

I'm the better dancer

I'm the funny one